Absolutely a must read when it comes to the study of Flow. Kotler’s work is the most current and most readable book on the study of Flow. He does a great job of looking at how extreme athletes are at the edge of pushing human performance and how this is explained in science. If you want to learn about Flow, start with this book!

Bob Dunham’s foundational work cited in LeadershipFlow | Perfectly Square. A great source for the foundations of the Generative Discourse.

A great read about Flow hacking techniques by an author who started to research famed “Iceman” Wim Hof to disprove him as a sham. In the process he became a huge proponent of Hof’s method. The book explores Hof’s breathing methods and the many positive affects of this phenomenon. A must read for all Flow Hackers.

Written by the “Godfather of Flow” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi this book is a great resource to explore creativity and how it shows up in the flow state.

A Great Place To Start Learning About Flow A Great Place To Start Learning About Flow