How Dare You Even Think of Leaving My Company

July 7, 2015 By Croft Edwards - No Comments
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How dare you even think about leaving my company for greener pastures?

After all I have done for you!

– I have asked, no, make that told you to stay late many days because I was disorganized and needed you to bail me out.

– I have cut you zero slack when your personal life or family needed your attention, insuring they did not get in the way of my goals and success.

– I have been short with you because I am dealing with my own issues and I am not willing to let myself admit my shortcoming and work on improving them.

– I have given you tasks that needed to be completed, then left you alone for weeks at a time because I was sure you could read my mind and you would not need encouragement or feedback to complete the tasks to my standards.

– I have complained to my peers, and sometimes your peers, about what I perceive to be lacking in your performance. I did not feel I could tell you because you would not understand and you would make the conversation difficult and uncomfortable for me.

– I have denied you promotions and other benefits because you have refused to meet my vaguely worded and many times unrealistic expectations.

– I have had to lower my career expectations for promotions and accolades because you and the rest of my team did not respond to my leadership style, a style that I see nothing wrong with.

So, how dare you even think about leaving my company for greener pastures after all I have done for you? Can’t you see what a great leader I am? Hey, are you listening? Hello…. where did everybody go?

Hmmm…maybe there is a reason you are leaving my company.


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