My Stomach Told Me to do it! What is Yours Telling You?

July 8, 2014 By Croft Edwards - No Comments
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Have you listened to your gut lately? I did and here is a new future I am declaring–I am officially retiring from the Army after 22 years. I had planned on joining another reserve unit, had been accepted, and all I needed to do was to sign the document, and my journey would begin again. The problem was that I forgot to tell my stomach. I was sitting at my desk last Friday morning getting ready to drive to the Reserve unit and sign the document. As I was sitting there I became aware of this pit, I mean huge pit in my stomach. I bet you know the one. It’s the one where although your mind is telling and selling you on all of the reasons why you should do something your gut is telling you different.

This time was I really listened to my gut intuition. There were multiple reasons to continue to serve, all of them compelling, all of them positive. My gut though, told me it was time to move on and let others pick up the torch. It was time for me to follow where my intuition and my body was telling me to go, and in this instance it was for me to declare a new future.

I do not know, and will never know what my path would have been had I stayed in the Army Reserve. I do know, however, that the moment I allowed my gut intuition to inform me, my body became at ease and I was at peace with my decision. I now look forward in a way that was not possible before. The question is behind me, and my new commitment is ahead of me, with all of me embracing the future.

My question to you is how often do you listen to your gut? How has it served you? In our modern critical thinking world how often have you allowed your whole body to inform you? How often does your stomach tell you what to do?

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