The Origins of the LeadershipFlow Methodology- Cultivating Other Leaders and Teams (3 of 5)

June 1, 2017 By Croft Edwards - No Comments
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This five part installment of the #leadershipflow blog looks at the origins of the emergence of the #leadershipflow methodology.

Part 3: Cultivating Other Leaders and Teams

“Leaders create  other leaders!”

5.Cultivating Leaders - Boots

The concept of Cultivating Other Leaders and Teams arose, like Self-Mastery and Visioning the Future, from coaching conversations with leaders with whom I have worked.  A common challenge among them was frustration with their subordinate leaders.  They would share “Subordinate A was doing something incorrectly”, or “Subordinate B was missing the mark on his or her goals”.  Many times, while the leaders accepted that these subordinates reported into them, they failed to recognize it was their responsibility to develop and create more effective leaders of their employees and hold them accountable to achieving goals.

Creating #leadershipflow requires that there be leaders in Flow.  It is critical for a leader to see the value in other leaders who share the same values and embody the same vision for the organization.  In the previous blog on visioning the future, I highlighted that a leader creates and cultivates more leaders and teams.  The more these other leaders and teams model and embody the vision and values of the organization, the closer that organization comes to that vision.

A primary challenge is that a leader’s subordinate leaders and teams are already likely modeling and embodying the behaviors of their senior leaders.  From their senior leaders, they learn how to have conversations, treat one another and interact.  The question then becomes whether they are modeling behaviors that are in alignment with the vision of the company.  If a leader is not happy with the behaviors he sees from his subordinates, it is his responsibility to coach, mentor and lead them to embody the vision of the organization.  A leader, by definition, gets their authority from their followers.  What authority are your followers granting you?  Where did they learn that?


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