Are You a Lover at Work?

July 21, 2015 By Croft Edwards - No Comments
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The fourth body disposition we will look at is the body of the Lover, the Amiable, the body of openness. This is one who strives to accept each person and wants the best for all. This is the body that allows individuals to open up and care about one another. In the body of the lover we see the following:

Overall view of the world: This body allows for harmony. In fact, this body attempts to regulate harmony by facilitating everyone getting along. This is also the body that is the glue of the organization, putting the team and the needs of the organization first. This is the body of the cheerleader, the caregiver, the team player, and the good listener. This body allows the best in all to come to the forefront; however, at times this body also slows the team down in its desire for all to get along. It can also be the body of “sad puppy,” possibly taking offense to something someone said or did, instead of just letting it go and moving on.

Moods and Emotions: Moods and emotions in this body are generally always present, although they are subdued and subtle so that they do not make others uncomfortable. If there is a positive event, then they are readily available to share. If however there is a negative, confrontational type event they are hidden from sight to insure that the individuals involved are safe from harm. This body allows for moods such as compassion, caring, tenderness and concern for others to always be in great supply when needed by others. When others show emotions such as hurt, sadness, vulnerability, this body allows the positive antidote emotions to create harmony in order for teamwork to shine through.

How it shows up in the body:  In the body of the lover the overall shape of the body is open and inviting. There is less muscle tension and the body allows for others to have their space. The feet are parallel to one another, slightly apart with the knees soft. The hands and arms are away from the sides with the palms open and facing up and forward, as if inviting others in for a hug. The face is relaxed and quick with a smile or at least a hint of welcoming. The energy of this body is very receiving and more down than up, inviting others to feel safe with it.

The Mantra of this body: The mantra that arises in this body is “ We are in this together,” and “There is good in all team members.”

Where this body might serve you or hinder you: The advantage to this body is the ability to accept others with differing views from its own. It allows harmony and consensus. It allows a team to be built by bringing out the strengths of every individual. The challenge in this body is that because its focus on everyone getting along, it can hinder success in certain scenarios and slow down processes. This body can frustrate others because of its inability to make an arbitrary stand or a commitment.

To show up as the lover at work means that you are inviting harmony and teamwork, with the challenge being that sometimes not everyone can get along.


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