Do You Show Up to Work as the Regal King or Queen?

June 9, 2015 By Croft Edwards - No Comments
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In our last blog we looked at the Joker archetype and how it determines how others see you, and influences your behavior in situations. As we continue our journey into the many discourses that explore how we as leaders manifest certain body dispositions, lets look at one known as the King or Queen archetype, the Analytical, or the Stability body. In this body we see the following:

Overall view of the world: This is the body of the scientist, the analyst, the deep thinker that allows individuals to stop and remain calm and grounded in the body in uncomfortable situations. It is the body that thrives when there is methodical and systematic work to do. This is the body that does not get caught up in the moods or emotions of the event or interaction. While this can be helpful at times, the body can create challenges where action is required, due to its propensity to stay in one place.

Moods and emotions: Because this body remains grounded and calm at all times, moods and emotions are not near the surface in this body, nor do others readily see them. This body allows the person to see the facts and data surrounding the situation, as opposed to the perceived unpredictable and unreliable moods and emotions. The moods and emotions may be present and intense, but this body does not allow them to be shown to the world. In many instances, the body may not allow its owner to feel the mood or emotion, but rather keeps the person methodically and steadily moving along. Whether the situation is negative or positive, others may see this person as uncaring, cold, stoic, or unmotivated because of the perceived lack of moods or emotions that others presume should be present. At its core, when in this body, logic and correctness rule the day, much like a stately and regal King or Queen – hence the name.

How it manifests in the body: The body is controlled and methodical, preferring to stay the course or maintain a position rather than take quick action. The face remains non-committal, the quintessential poker face, not showing what mood or emotion of the wearer. The mouth is neutral, betraying no hint of next steps. Feet are planted firmly on the ground, as if roots are growing, not in any hurry to move from the current reality. The knees are not locked. The arms and hands are at one’s side, ready to move as needed, but not mimicking, through movement, the energy of other body styles. The energy and movement of the body is minimal, only committing to change when there are logical reasons to take action. The body allows the owner to remain calm in the storm, and perhaps to expand their command out over vast lands, the monarch of a kingdom.

The Mantra of this body: The mantra that arises in this body is “everything is right and correct in my Kingdom!” or “slow and steady leads to a correct and secure future.”

Where this body might serve or hinder you: The advantages of the king/queen body dispositions are that they allow one to remain calm and steady in turbulent times or situations. It allows logic, history, and process to overrule chaos and emotions in times of uncertainty or change. The body does not get caught up in the latest fad or flavor of the week, but rather relies on what is known and proven. Where this body can create challenges is in situations where there is not a proven process or history, but rather an ability to make quick and decisive changes is required. This body also creates challenges in situations where the perceived lack of ability to show emotion delegitimizes a situation, causing others to feel this person is cold, uncaring, or lacks passion.

At work, being the King/Queen can have very powerful effect on the team and an organization’s ability to get the correct answer, systematically approaching problems from a grounded and proven methodology. With it though, comes the downside of a body that is challenged by change and flexibility, and unresponsive to the immediate need to take quick action and show the intense emotions that the situation may require.


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