What is Your Leadership Presence?

August 22, 2014 By Croft Edwards - No Comments
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How do you show up when you show up? What is your leadership presence? Go to Amazon.com and look up leadership books and you will find thousands upon thousands of books on what leaders do or how to think like a leader but relatively few on how leader’s actually show up? Think about your own life. Have you experienced leaders that instantly turn you off?  Have you experienced leaders who when they show up you find yourself in a different, more powerful state and mood just because of their physical presence? How about when you show up, what does your presence inspire or trigger in others? All of the above are examples of leadership presence. But what is it and how can it be created?
There is an emerging discourse that lives in this question. This discourse is built around the framework of ontology; the study of being human.  In this framework we all have a leadership presence, the question is what does our presence invite followers to do; do they feel inspired to achieve great things, or do they shrink into resignation and limiting conversations? To understand leadership presence and how you show up we are fundamentally looking at three things:

Body— How is the body shaped?  Does your body bring forth in followers expansion and possibility, or contraction and a loss of possibility?  As an example, is your chest expansive and facing the world like Superman’s, or is it shrinking and downward like the Sad Sack character?
Moods/Emotions— Are you in powerful moods/emotions of ambition, wonder, playfulness and peace?  Or are your moods/emotions draining others, moods/emotions such as resentment, anxiety, fear and resignation?  Are your moods/emotions powerful enough to overcome the moods/emotions of your followers?
Language—Does your language  expand possibilities and actions of your followers, creating more powerful outcomes? Or, does your language decrease future possibilities and outcomes, sapping initiative and energy?
The more that your language, body, and moods/emotions are congruent and aligned to more powerful outcomes the more powerful others will see your leadership presence.  Remember, we all have a leadership presence, but few really have a presence that others are inspired by.  What is your leadership presence? And, if your leadership presence is not what you want it to be, what new practices are you willing to undertake to become the leader that others want to follow?
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